Book Review: A Princess of Mars : Barsoom Series


When Edgar Rice Burroughs got the story published, he did it under another name, for he feared the public’s reaction to a story that takes place on Mars and has green monsters. Even today, people’s criticism has not ceased. The book was published in 1912, a century before another book on Mars, The Martian, was published. It is fascinating to to see the difference in description given by the two authors. One describes it as a barren wasteland whereas the other describes it as a dying planet with vegetation and people fighting for survival.

While hiding from his pursuers in a cave, John Carter is teleported to Mars, where the low gravity gives him superhuman strength. There he meets a beautiful princess and gets politically involved in the fight between green and red martians.

It is a wonderful book but its too slow. It takes forever for John Carter to escape the Tharks. Also, as it is written in first person, the description of John Carter’s strength sometimes comes off as boasting.

But having said all that, the book was amazing. It is a wonderful Sci-Fi romance with plenty of action. And as the rights are expiring and the e-book is free to download, you can immediately jump into the land of absurd monsters, hair-raising adventures and a lot of action.

A Princess of Mars


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