Book Review: The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera is a story of drama, terror, love, passion, envy, jealousy, romance, adventure and magic. It is about Erik, The Angle of Music and The Opera Ghost and his love for Christine Daae which turns into madness when his love is not corresponded and he finds out that she loves another, Raoul Chagny. It is a gripping Gothic romance with a tragic ending. Continue reading


Interview with Indian Poet Parveen Sethi

Parveen Sethi is a bilingual poet and translator who writes in Hindi and English with equal ease. Her poems have appeared in several international anthologies and magazines
including Resonating Strings, 52: Loves, Resonance, Color of Refuge and Learning and Creativity.  She lives in Ludhiana with her husband and two college going children. When she is not reading or writing poetry she likes to listen to music and try new recipes.


2015-09-10 20.41.55.jpg

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