Book Review: The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera is a story of drama, terror, love, passion, envy, jealousy, romance, adventure and magic. It is about Erik, The Angle of Music and The Opera Ghost and his love for Christine Daae which turns into madness when his love is not corresponded and he finds out that she loves another, Raoul Chagny. It is a gripping Gothic romance with a tragic ending.

It was like an orchestra, with each character and each incident getting it just right. A bit of drama, romance, terror and suspense. Erik was a really interesting character. There were some striking similarities between Erik and Heathcliff from Wuthuring Heights. Erik was abused because of his appearance and Heathcliff was abused because of his gypsy origin. And I couldn’t decide whether to hate or pity them because all their actions were driven by their desire for love, which was denied to Erik even by his own mother.

I felt that the ending was just perfect. I glad that Christine didn’t fall for Erik. It would’ve made it less realistic. Erik’s last conversation with the Persian really touched me.

     “Yes, she was waiting for me…waiting for me erect and alive, a real, living bride…as she hoped to be saved….And, when I…came forward, more timid than…a little child, she did not run away…no, no…she stayed…she waited for me….I even believe…daroga…that she put out her forehead…a little…oh, not much…just a little… like a living bride….And…and…I…kissed her!… I!…I!…I!…And she did not die!…Oh, how good it is, daroga, to kiss somebody on the forehead!…You can’t tell!… But I! I!…My mother, daroga, my poor, unhappy mother would never …let me kiss her….She used to run away…and throw me my mask! …Nor any other woman…ever, ever!…Ah, you can understand, my happiness was so great, I cried. And I fell at her feet, crying …and I kissed her feet…her little feet…crying. You’re crying, too, daroga…and she cried also…the angel cried!…”

It is truly a masterpiece.

Link: The Phantom Of The Opera

For Kindle: The Phantom Of The Opera


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