My Introduction To Classical Music

This January, I downloaded a game Piano Tiles 2, a really fun game, and liked some of the compositions. I searched them on YouTube. The first composition I searched was Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, a beautiful piece. Then I searched Swan Lake, again by Tchaikovsky. I searched a lot of songs; some I liked, some I didn’t, and some I fell in love with.


I was introduced to Operas with La Cenerentola by Rossini. A great comic opera. Then came The Barber Of Seville, again by Rossini, his most famous opera. Then I discovered Antonio Vivaldi‘s The Four Seasons, one of the earliest and most-detailed examples of what is now called program music—music with a narrative element.

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There is music for literally every type of listener. Tchaikovsky’s the guy for the romantic type, Rossini for the fun type, Erik Satie and Chopin for the slow music lovers and Beethoven for the fast music listeners.

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I feel that the only way that children are exposed to classical music is through cartoons. Speaking of which, you should see El Barbero de Sevilla and The Cat Above And The Mouse Below, a really good example of great cartoons, not like the shows that come today, where there’s only mindless violence. Its also a great trip down memory lane.

Hopefully, I’ve introduced you to the beautiful world of classical music which will stay with you forever.


2 thoughts on “My Introduction To Classical Music

  1. I think part of what makes much classical music attractive to many of us is the fact that it was composed before or early on into the age of motorized machines and their ceaseless hard-o-escape NOISE. Imagine a world in which there were only natural sounds. And then trying to paint a picture of them with the voices of all the various instruments in a full orchestra. And to write a symphony, for instance, how intimately you would need to know the range and capability of each of those instruments. I like people like Satie because they seem to preserve the silence that is so much a part of nature as the sounds. But I also like some thing like Ride of the Valkyries for the sheer excitement of imagination. Learning appreciation of classical music is a wonderful thing that leads to deeper appreciation of all music. Good for you!

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