Poetry by Nalini Priyadarshni: Bread of Oblation

TreeHouse Arts

Bread of Oblation

A man shall not live by bread alone

We nurture the highest in each other
without depleting granary of our offering
we pour ourselves out to make room
for the best is yet to come.

Whorls of my fingers explore your grains
as I mix oil of first pressing with eggs and milk
knead the sweet and salty moments together
to bridge the gaps between knowing of our hearts

Like a sunny kitchen in an autumn noon
my smiles surround you with warm loving
beads of sultry passion leaven our beings
we rise to become more than sum of our parts

Loaf of our intimacy seeks wholesomeness
in the rigors of fire circles we draw
not an obstacle but path of our choosing
to expand and grow into bread of oblation

Earthy loaf of our loving overruns
aromatics of the most seasoned wines
We nurture the highest…

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